Aura is a strong-willed, meticulous observer.  A highly sensitive storyteller, digital nomad, and meditator.  

Her body of work as an editor is diverse, polished, and evocative of heartfelt emotions.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, a half-island territory in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, Aura was never fond of frontiers nor the conservative Latin American upbringing.  A free spirit at heart, as soon as she was able to look after myself, she headed to Chile to study TV and Film. 

An innate globetrotter with a strong interest in self-development, Aura decided to come back to her country aiming to make peace with her  homeland and culture. Soon she found a niche and co-founded the company Human Film Services SRL. In little time Aura succeeded in landing many gigs in the advertising and upcoming Dominican film industries. But, once again, she chose to take the reins of her life to become a fulltime digital nomad, living by her own rules wherever she found her inspiration. Vancouver Canada was Aura’s first stop and, since then, Aura has resided in over 4 continents while working full time as an editor.

Aura’s work resembles her personality: honest, finely crafted, and filled with emotion. Whether working for high-end brands, or small essay films, Aura will not quit until the moving images hopefully move you to goosebumps or perhaps even tears.