Simone Cilio is an award-winning film composer based in Sicily, Italy. Before devoting himself to film music, he played drums in 3 different bands. As he got older, the passion for film music was too big so he started working on his first instrumental album “Accarezza il vento”, which focused on his feelings and life experiences. This opens a new phase in which Simone started to orchestrate his works and study every aspect of film music and cinema. In December 2015 he was hired to work on the score for the upcoming feature film Badsville, directed by April Mullen, starring Robert Knepper, Emilio Rivera, Ian McClaren, Ben Barrett and Tamara Duarte. His score for this project was nominated for Best Original Score at the Maverick Movie Awards 2016. According to the Akademia Music Awards Grand Jury “his music is haunting and electric, the kind of cut that resonates long after it departs”. He’s a member of the “Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL)” and also works for scoreAscore™, Crucial Music Corporation, Cabin21Sound and Amurco where he composes music for trailers, TV and advertising, which includes clients from Warner Bros, Universal, NBC, BBC, Disney, Burger King, Google, Subaru, Nissan, Starbucks, Reebok, Microsoft, etc. As of now Simone Cilio has worked on more than 70 projects between feature films, short films, TV series, commercials and trailers.